This project wants to create a three-dimensional interplay of nature seen through the eagle’s eye, from a satellite all the way from space, and from a human perspective. With these three-dimensional images, which are taken between heaven and earth, we want to spread our message and to raise awareness about nature’s needs.

We have to realize that nature is not just something on our doorsteps. We are all part of the bigger picture, which we need to acknowledge and preserve for the next generation.

The objectives are as follows:


  • Organizing interdisciplinary discussions, or summit meetings, with participants from the fields of arts, politics, economics, nature conservation, climate and the environment as well as with experts, who have high media exposure.
  • Continuous international media coverage and reporting for social media, television, cinema, radio and print media.
  • Production of a Fine Art Photography book.
  • International fine art photography exhibitions and multimedia presentations.
  • Involving children of all ages (through schools & natural history museums)
  • The aim to work with the Federal Minister of Education and Research and the Bavarian State Ministry for Environmental and Consumer Protection.
  • Viewing APPS to follow the tracks of the Eagle LIVE.
  • The viewing of 360o degree eagle flights.
  • Various concerts featuring »Vuimera« in unconventional locations.
  • Developing photography workshops, such as the Nomi Academy Art of Seeing.