Founder - Nomi Baumgartl


Born in Germany in 1950, Nomi Baumgartl is an internationally renowned photographer. She lives in the Bavarian
town of Murnau, and works on various projects worldwide. She strives to highlight the connections and complex
relationships between mankind, animals and nature, ocean and earth. Her projects are an homage to creation. Her
numerous photography books, publications in magazines and books, films, exhibitions and awards are a reflection of
her successful international career. Her work is exhibited in reputable collections and museums, such as the
Bibliotéque National in Paris, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, the FC Gundlach Foundation in Hamburg, the Silvius
Dornier Collection and the Camera Work Picture Collection in Berlin.
Nomi Baumgartl studied design and visual
communications at the Comprehensive University in Düsseldorf and has worked as a photographer since the
beginning of the 1980’s. Her photographs have been published in internationally acclaimed magazines, such as GEO,
Vogue, Time Magazine and Stern. She gained recognition with her portraits of public figures, such as the Nobel peace
prize winner Wangari Maathai, Jane Goodall, Stephen Hawking, Andreas Feininger, Horst Janssen, Wolfgang
Koeppen, Pope John Paul II and Arthur Rubinstein. She has received several awards for her portrait series and has
been dubbed as the »biographer with a camera«. She has also received several photography book prizes.
In the 1990’s, she worked as fashion photographer for Jil Sander, Escada, Joji Yamamoto, Missoni and numerous top Italian designers. Nomi also made a name for herself working as photo journalist in conflict zones and developing countries.

After having suffered a serious car accident in 1996, Nomi started her second career as nature photographer.. With her photographs, she raises awareness of the interaction between mankind and nature and the effect it has on the environment. »With my photographic art, I want to make people aware of our beautiful world and how we can preserve it and spread this message around the world.« With her »Arctic Message« photographic art project, she attracted attention to the rapid melting of the Arctic ice. Recently, Nomi, together with a team of experts, gained recognition with the »Stella Polaris* Ulloriarsuaq« project. Illuminated by artificial light, the team took breathtaking photographs and videos to highlight the magnificence and fragility of the unique and disappearing ice world in the polar circle of Greenland. The book that accompanies the project was nominated for the 2016 German Photo Book Prize. The world premiere of the project’s documentary film was shown at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival. In 2011, when Nomi was a board member of the German Association of Freelance Photo Designers, she and her colleagues launched an exhibition dubbed »Blues for the Blue Planet – Our Earth is Falling Apart and Nobody Seems to Care«.
Nomi Baumgartl is not only committed to protecting the environment, she is also involved in numerous social projects. She is an ambassador for Dr. Auma Obama’s Sauti Kuu Foundation, as well as for The Dolphin Aid Organisation, and was involved in Karl-Heinz-Böhm’s »People for People« initiative. Because of her social commitment, Nomi has become a member of the »Modern Heroes«, a group of people serving as role models. With her photographic art projects, Nomi aims to draw attention to the fragile balance between mankind and nature, as well as how our modern lifestyle affects the environment.


In 2016, Nomi Baumgartl received the renowned international B.A.U.M. Award honouring her contributions to preserving the environment. German Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks personally handed her the prize. As an award winner, Nomi accompanied the German Federal President to several events during the ensuing opening of the German environmental week.

In her appraisal speech, Dr. Auma Obama, founder and chairwoman of the Sauti Kuu Foundation as well as BAUM Award winner herself, said: »With her photography, Nomi Baumgartl aims to express her respect for people and the environment. That is what this down-to-earth authentic woman has committed herself to. When you see her art for the first time, it leaves you speechless, affected, happy and surprised, thrilled by the beauty of its power. Nomi is an extremely sensitive photographer. I have a lot of respect for her and I am very pleased that she received this welldeserved award.«


Book Publications

Stella Polaris* ULLORIARSUAQ - Das leuchtende Gedächtnis der Erde - Nomi Baumgartl, Sven Nieder, Yatri N. Niehaus, Laali Lyberth, Eifelbildverlag 2014

Der Elefantenmann bei Nomi Baumgartl und Chris Gallucci, Frederking & Thaler Verlag, 2007

Mumo geschrieben und illustriert bei Nomi Baumgartl, Piper Verlag, 2005

Mit Tieren verbunden bei Susanne Fischer-Rizi und Nomi Baumgartl, AT Verlag, 2004

Wolfgang Koeppen: Ich? bei Nomi Baumgartl und Sybille Brandl, Bibliothek der Provinz, 1996

Nomi Janssen bei Nomi Baumgartl und Horst Janssen, Edition Brandstätter, 1984