ANGAANGAQ ANGAKKORSUAQ - Eskimo-Kalaallit Elder, Healer and Shaman




CLAUS BIEGERT - Author, journalist for film and television documentaries about environmental protection and indigenous people


CLUB OF ROME - Represented by Dr. Marian Bozesan


BILLI BIERLING - High altitude mountaineer, journalist and team leader of the Himalaya Database


PROF. DR. MICHAEL BITTNER - Head of the Earth Observation Center and Spokesperson of the Virtual Alpine. Observatory (VAO) German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) Earth Observation Center (EOC) German Aerospace Center (DLR)


DR. LUDWIG N. BRAUN - Bavarian Academy for Sciences and Humanities Commission for Earth Measurement and Glaciology


SABINE CHRISTIANSEN - TV presenter, journalist and producer


SEBASTIAN COPELAND - Polar-Explorer, Artist, Environmental Activist, Global Green


PROF. DR. STEFAN DECH - Director of the German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) Earth Observation Center (EOC) & German Aerospace Center (DLR)


DR. ANTJE VON DEWITZ - Sustainable Enterprise


ARVED FUCHS - Polar Explorer and Book Author


PROF. DR. KARL GABL - President of the board of trustees for Alpine Safety and head of the Central Institute for Meterology and Geodynamics in Innsbruck


PROF. DR. MAXIMILIAN GEGE - Head of the German Workig Group for environ- mental awareness management (B.A.U.M.)


DAVID GÖTTLER - High altitude mountaineer


DR. BARBARA HENDRICKS - Former Federal Minister for the Environment, Na- ture Conversation and Nuclear Safety


THOMAS HUBER - Extreme climber and mountain guide


ILONA JERGER - Journalist and Author


GERLINDE KALTENBRUNNER - High altitude mountaineer of all 14 8,000 meter-pe- aks and author


STEFFEN KEIL - Director of Global Sales of Leica Camera AG


FRED KÖNIG - Journalist and Author


CHUMBA LAMA - Tibetan Monk and Spiritual Teacher for yoga and meditation, author and musician


JULIAN LENNON - White Feather Foundation CEO, Musician, Photographer, Author, Philanthropist


FRITZ LIETSCH - Publisher of »ECO-World« and »Forum«


DR. AUMA OBAMA - Sociologist, journalist and author Founder of the Sauti Kuu Foundation


SVEN PLÖGER - Certified Meteorologist. Cumulus Media GmbH »Weatherman» on German National Television and author of »Climate Facts«


ANDREW POTHECARY - CEO ForestNation Environmental Enterprise


DR. CHRISTOPH QUARCH - Philosopher, author and publicist


PROF. DR. MICHAEL RAST - Senior Advisor Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes – European Space Agency (ESA)


MARKUS REITERER - General Secretary of the Alpine Convention


DIPL.-GEOGR. NILS SPARWASSER - Head of the Department for Science Communication and Visualization German Remote Sensing Data Center Earth Observation Center (EOC) German Aerospace Center (DLR)


PETER STANNECKER - Musican for VUIMERA , Ambient sounds ALPENKLANG project


JACQUES TRAVERS - French Falconer and Birds of Prey Park owner


PROF. DR. MARTIN WIKELSKI - Director of the Max-Plack-Institute for Ornithology


RANGA YOGESHWAR - Scientific Journalist and Author